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Corkagh Park is a beautiful resource and is right across the road from The Green Isle Hotel. The park stretches over three hundred acres from the Naas Road all the way into Clondalkin Village. It is a very scenic area steeped in history and is very popular among families and tourists.

There is a visitor centre in the park along with a very popular pet farm. The farm was an initiative by the park’s committee to try and gain more visitors to the park. The farm provides homes a number of birds, farm animals and pets and it is hoped that they will continue to increase the number of animals to progress the project with the DSPCA also donating animals to the farm. Entry to the pet farm is free for all visitors, ideal for families and is open all year round.

Corkagh is a gateway to the Camac Greenway which leads to Clondalkin Village and the Round Tower.

Opened to the public in 1986, it consists of 120 hectares and was formerly part of Corkagh Demesne. Corkagh Park has its origins in a manor house and its estate and includes the old Corkagh Demense and land on both sides of the Camac River.

Home to Ireland’s only purpose-built cycle track, which provides a safe, traffic-free environment in which to learn skills, improve fitness, train and race.

Among the many other attractions are a pet farm, fairy wood, fishery, and Camac Valley Caravan and Camping Park.

Find out more about the Park’s history or listen to some of the Parks iWalks.


Playpark, fairy wood, petting farm, sports facilities, walking/jogging, orienteering, cycle track, fishing and picnic area.


Playground, pet farm, Corkagh Park Fisheries, rose garden, cycle track, allotments, sports & playing pitches, Camac Valley Caravan Park, caseball pitches, cricket pitch, river & woodland walks and toilets.


Camac Valley Caravan and Camping Park, Corkagh Demesne Farm and outbuildings with extensive parkland, Clondalkin Round Tower and Visitor Centre.


November, December & January: 10.00am–5.00pm
February & March: 10.00am–6.00pm
April & October: 10.00am–7.00pm
May & September: 10.00am–8.00pm
June, July & August: 10.00am–9.00pm

Please note that for operational reasons, the car parks are closed in sequence. Some car parks therefore close in advance of the official closing time. Where the closing time varies from the official closing time, the earlier time is prominently displayed at the entrance to the car park.


Currently there are four car parks in Corkagh Park. An upgrade of the existing car park adjacent to the fishing ponds (accessed from the outer ring road on the western side) is planned and will proceed in 2016. The existing car park is surfaced in hard-core gravel only. The plans include resurfacing the existing entrance and car park and upgrading the landscape treatment along the edges. The car park will be extended by 20 spaces to allow for disabled parking spaces.

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